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Dry Erase Whiteboard Case Studies: UW-Fox Valley

UW-Fox Valley

The switch from chalkboards to whiteboards at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley campus seemed to be a good move for instructors and students. But the benefits proved to be short-lived due to the low quality of the whiteboards — dozens of whiteboards that were acquired on a bidding system that favored lowest purchase price, which is common amongst educational institutions.

“We did a mass purchase in a competitive bidding process and selected a product based on low cost,” said David Staerkel, facilities manager for the two-year campus of the University of Wisconsin System. The new boards had a porcelain face and seemed to be what the college and its instructors were looking for to improve classroom presentations.

But it wasn’t long before problems literally started to surface, according to Staerkel. Instructors and maintenance staff had an increasingly difficult time cleaning the boards, which were installed in the front and sides of classrooms throughout the campus. The boards became a challenge to clean and had ghosting and staining.

Maintenance costs were eating away at the savings UW-Fox Valley had gained by purchasing from the low bidder, and instructors were regularly complaining about the problems with the boards.

But there were boards on campus that were not prompting complaints nor requiring ongoing maintenance. They were whiteboards purchased from EverWhite — installed after the initial mass installation for a new addition to the university’s science building.

“We were getting a lot of complaints, so I went to look further into the situation and determined that there were no complaints coming from instructors who had been using the EverWhite whiteboards,” Staerkel said.

Not only were the surfaces of the EverWhite boards superior, but the maintenance was also much simpler, Staerkel added. “The boards could be cleared very easily without any special cleaners,” he said. “We didn’t need any caustic chemicals such as whiteboard cleaners to keep them white, like we did for the other boards.” Skipping special whiteboard cleaners saved UW-Fox Valley money, and prevented harsh cleaners from harming indoor air quality.

Since then, Staerkel has been purchasing EverWhite boards to replace the low-quality boards that were originally purchased from the other manufacturer. By purchasing in smaller quantities, he can avoid the complex bidding process and save UW-Fox Valley money. According to Staerkel, “Other boards might cost less initially, but in the long run, EverWhite boards are, by far, less costly.”

To replace many of the low-quality whiteboards in his buildings, Staerkel has been resurfacing them using EverEZ Resurfacing Panels. Also known as “skins”, they have a factory-applied, pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that can be applied right over old whiteboards or chalkboards. “With EverEZ Resurfacing Panels, we don’t need to replace perfectly good mounting frames. We can apply the skins right over what we have.”

EverEZ Resurfacing Panels have been a cost-effective solution for UW-Fox Valley, and a “green” solution, according to Staerkel. “You can keep a lot of material out of the landfill by using EverEZ Resurfacing Panels,” he said.

With whiteboards from EverWhite, UW-Fox Valley now has lower maintenance costs and long-term costs. With the EverWhite lifetime guarantee, UW-Fox Valley will never again have to budget for replacement whiteboards.

  • markerboard is a markerboard is a markerboard…that is, until the complaints come pouring in. EverWhite is a quality company. The boards do not ghost, and we don’t receive complaints.

    — Jim White
  • Over the long term EverWhite boards are, by far, less costly. Our instructors were always complaining about our whiteboards until we started using boards from EverWhite. With EverWhite resurfacing panels, we don’t need to replace perfectly good m...

    — David Staerkel
  • I had encouraged our school to update the old "chalkboards" we used in the locker rooms for our basketball teams. As I researched the possibilities I came across EverWhite. I was completely impressed with the idea of a "whiteboard" that stays whit...

    — Coach Terry Smades
  • I told others at my school about these. And we have had people visit to see them and try them out. We’ll be getting more!

    — Dawn Tamarkin
  • I have several whiteboards from you and they are of superior quality. [My order] arrived quickly, which helped me finish the remodel ahead of schedule.

    — Mike Connor
  • It takes 20 minutes to install a resurfacing panel — no drilling, no screwing, nothing to do except peel and stick. That makes my job easier. I love EverWhite boards. There’s just not a better whiteboard on the market.

    — Mike Meyers
  • We were very pleased with the service, and the boards are great.

    — Nancy Roberts
  • The best dry erase board we have tried.

    — Bryan Hunter
  • We tried three different brands of white boards and found the EverWhite boards from Glenroy to be far superior to the others. It was an easy decision to choose EverWhite for our new campus project.

    — Darryl De Ruiter
  • We are very happy with our experience. We received fast service, and everyone from the company was so helpful. I ordered a dozen boards, and I was so impressed that everyone at the company treated me like I had just ordered a hundred.

    — Charlene Jenkins
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