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Whiteboard FAQ

General Product Questions

We excel at creating customized visual communications products for your applications. Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or to discuss your specific needs, and we will help you find the ideal visual communications solution.

To request a free sample, please choose one of the following methods:

Any board or resurfacing panel 4' × 8' or larger is accompanied by an EverWhite Starter Kit, which includes an EverCloth and a set of four dry erase markers.
We offer a wide selection of accessories, including dry erase markers, EverCloth erasers, map rails, exhibit rails, map hook clips, map winders, flag holders, magnets, dry erase seam strips, and accessory kits.
All framed boards come with L-shaped mounting brackets as well as the hardware needed for standard installations.
No, they do not have any sharp edges. They are specifically designed to prevent any sharp edges on the frames or the marker trays. Whiteboard resurfacing panels do have sharp edges before they are installed, but once properly installed, the edges are shielded by the framing of the resurfaced board and should not pose any kind of safety hazard.
Yes, our marker trays do extend the full length of the boards.
Yes. Simply specify when ordering that you do not want a marker tray. This will not affect the price of your board.
There is no difference in the writing surface or appearance, but magnetic EverWhite boards are manufactured with a 24-gauge steel backing that creates a magnetized dry erase surface. Our most popular framed whiteboards are the magnetic variety, because many people appreciate the convenience of being able to use magnets on their dry erase boards.

The largest single-piece board we can manufacture and ship is 4 ft. in height by 12 ft. in width; however, we often sell multi-piece boards that are connected via a seam strip or H-Channel. Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or for specific details.

NOTE: Before ordering a large board or resurfacing panel, it is important to confirm that it is not too large to be carried through the building (through doors and stairways) to the room where it is to be installed. Upon request, we can manufacture products in two or more pieces for easier transport.

A custom cutting fee is a small fee charged for the service of cutting your resurfacing panel or whiteboard to a non-standard size.

Map rails and exhibit rails both consist of a cork bulletin strip used to hang artwork, notes, announcements, etc.

  • Map rails are designed to be mounted on whiteboards. The extra metal flap on a map rail is screwed directly onto the top of a board’s frame. Map rails should not be installed on walls.
  • Exhibit rails are designed to be mounted to walls. Hardware for standard installation is included.

We offer a one-year manufacturing warranty on all products, and in addition, we offer a lifetime surface warranty against ghosting or staining on EverWhite dry erase boards. Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or for further details.

To file a claim for factory defects in material or workmanship, you must contact an EverWhite customer service representative within one year of purchase.

To file a claim for ghosting or staining on EverWhite dry erase boards, you must contact an EverWhite customer service representative.

EverWhite customer service can be reached for claim submittal by calling (800) 335-7319 or emailing

Yes, they are manufactured in Wisconsin.

EverWhite Dry Erase Surface

Please click here to view a comparison between porcelain dry erase surfaces and the EverWhite dry erase surface.

Please click here to view a comparison between melamine dry erase surfaces and the EverWhite dry erase surface.

The unique EverWhite dry erase surface is completely nonporous, which prevents marker ink from penetrating the surface. This results in optimum erasability and stain resistance, with only minimal maintenance required to keep the dry erase surface in pristine condition.

There are many benefits unique to the EverWhite dry erase surface. Click here to learn more about the benefits of choosing EverWhite.

Any type of dry erase marker may be used, but you may find that certain brands of dry erase markers erase more easily than others. Low-odor dry erase markers are often preferred because they do not have a strong odor, but they are also usually harder to erase than standard dry erase markers. Due to this fact, EverWhite dry erase boards are especially recommended for those who prefer low-odor dry erase markers over standard dry erase markers, because even stubborn low-odor dry erase marker ink can be erased with minimal effort.

Yes, EverWhite boards are available with either a magnetic surface or a non-magnetic surface. When using magnets on an EverWhite board, please use flat, flexible magnets or magnets without sharp edges or protrusions that could scratch the dry erase surface, such as our EverWhite magnets.

To prevent scratching, please do not drag any magnets across the surface.

Over time, dry erase markers usually leave behind particles on whiteboards that resemble dust or residue.

Typical whiteboard erasers often push this dust or residue around the dry erase surface without actually removing it from the surface.

Rather than using a typical whiteboard eraser, we recommend using a microfiber cloth as an eraser, because microfiber cloths are superior for capturing and removing marker ink dust from the dry erase surface. We offer a microfiber cloth called the EverCloth, which is specifically designed to attract and remove marker ink particulates.

Before using other types of whiteboard erasers, please confirm that there are no sharp filaments or edges that would scratch the whiteboard. To receive samples of the EverWhite surface that can be used to test your erasers, please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or

We have a number of customers who use their EverWhite boards as projection surfaces, although the high gloss may create a glare at certain angles.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The writing surface of the EverWhite dry erase board is covered with a protective sheet to prevent damage during transit. Do not remove this protective sheet until the board is installed. Please remove this protective covering after installation, and be sure to clean the board before the first use.
Over time, dry erase markers may leave behind particles on whiteboards that resemble dust or residue. To keep your EverWhite board looking new, simply clean the surface periodically with water or glass cleaner (such as Windex™). No expensive dry erase board cleaners are required or recommended. For stubborn marks, using a regular dry erase marker, simply write over the stubborn mark. Then, erase as usual.

In the instance that permanent marker is accidentally used, using a regular dry erase marker, simply write over the permanent marker. Then, erase as usual.

To remove permanent marker ink from a large portion of the EverWhite surface, please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or and you will receive information on effective cleaners.

NOTE: It is important that scouring pads or abrasive cleaners are NOT used on the dry erase surface, as this may damage the dry erase surface.

We don’t recommend using standard whiteboard cleaners because they contain solvents that may harm indoor air quality, especially in poorly vented areas. They can also be expensive. Some whiteboard cleaners can even leave a residue that will make your whiteboards harder to erase.


You may submit an order by phone, fax, email, or online.

When you order any combination of whiteboards, bulletin boards, combination boards, or resurfacing panels in the following quantities, you’ll receive a quantity-based price break, and the per-unit price of each item will be reduced.

Quantity-based price breaks apply when you order:

  • 5 or more
  • 11 or more
  • 26 or more
  • 41 or more
A signed quote, a purchase order, or credit card information is required to place your order. We accept Mastercard and VISA.
For credit card orders, payment is due at the time of shipment. For all other forms of payment, payment is due upon receipt.
No, because we manufacture EverWhite products and sell them directly to you with no markup from a middleman. This allows you to receive factory-direct prices.

All whiteboards and resurfacing panels are made to order, and cannot be returned under normal circumstances. Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or for any questions.

Yes, has SSL security, which means that you can rest assured that your credit card information is well encrypted and secure.


Our standard lead time is 10 to 14 calendar days. We also offer “Quick Ship” items that are guaranteed to ship within three business days. Click here to view our selection of Quick Ship items. If you need a product quickly that is not available in our selection of Quick Ship items, we may be able to expedite it for a small fee via our “Priority Service” program. Please call EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 to request “Priority Service”.

Certainly! Please call EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 to order expedited products.

We also offer “Quick Ship” items that are guaranteed to ship within three business days. Click here to view our selection of Quick Ship items.

Most EverWhite dry erase boards and resurfacing panels are shipped via freight trucks. Please allow two to five days for shipping within the continental United States.

If a board is small, it can be shipped via UPS. For any questions on how your boards will be shipped, please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or

They are shipped from the Milwaukee, WI metro area.

Yes, but freight providers charge additional fees for delivering to residential addresses. Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or for specific details.

The packaging method we use depends on the size of your shipment and the number of items in your order. Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or for specifics on how your order will be packaged.

No. While some whiteboard manufacturers include freight in the price of the boards, they are actually distributing freight costs among all customers, regardless of their location, by making the average freight charge a part of the purchase price. We base freight charges on product weight and shipping location, which ensures that you will never pay too much for freight. Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or for any questions regarding freight charges.

Yes. Large packages, such as whiteboards, generally get delivered by a common LTL freight carrier. As is common in all truck deliveries, these deliveries are dock-to-dock or tailgate only. Inside delivery service is available, but a fee may apply. The fee is determined by the freight carrier, and we can make arrangements ahead of time for you. To have inside delivery service arranged, please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or If you do not request inside delivery, you will need to have personnel available to unload your order when it is delivered.

Your delivery should arrive in good condition. Please unpack and inspect your delivery to check for concealed damage before signing the delivery receipt. In case of damages, please follow this procedure to ensure prompt resolution or credit: You have the right to reject the shipment. Should that occur, the shipment will be returned to EverWhite, and EverWhite will file a freight claim on your behalf. If you accept the damaged shipment, in order for EverWhite to file a freight claim on your behalf, you must note the nature of the damage on your delivery receipt. Make sure the delivery person also notes damage information on the delivery receipt. Please save all damaged product and damaged cartons for inspection purposes. Please notify your EverWhite customer service representative promptly at (800) 335-7319 or You have 15 days to report concealed damage, or EverWhite will not be able to file a freight claim on your behalf.
Our docks are open for customer pick-up from 8 AM to 3 PM CST, Monday through Friday.

The address for customer pickup is:

N92 W14555 Anthony Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Printed Whiteboards

Yes, we can print any graphics you’d like. If you provide the graphics, it must adhere to our graphics guidelines.

Yes, we will gladly design the graphics for your custom printed whiteboard(s). Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or to discuss graphics possibilities.

EverEZ Resurfacing Panels

EverEZ Resurfacing Panels are designed for resurfacing green or black slate chalkboards, melamine whiteboards, or porcelain whiteboards. Resurfacing panels cannot be used on vinyl surfaces, because vinyl surfaces do not provide adequate adhesion.

Please contact EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 or to discuss any installation applications or to request a sample resurfacing panel.

Convenient resurfacing panel measuring instructions are available to walk you through the process of determining what size to order. Click here for the resurfacing panel measuring instructions & measurement form.

EverWhite customer service representatives are also available to help you with the process. For assistance, call (800) 335-7319 or email

A factory-applied industrial strength pressure-sensitive adhesive is used to ensure permanent adhesion of resurfacing panels.
No, you do not need any additional adhesives.
Resurfacing panels are backed with a very aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive to ensure permanent adhesion. Depending on the surface the resurfacing panel is adhered to, removing the resurfacing panel may or may not be possible. Please call EverWhite customer service at (800) 335-7319 for instructions on how to attempt to remove a resurfacing panel.
It may be possible, but it requires a certain type of industrial shear, and we do not recommend attempting to cut resurfacing panels yourself. To ensure that your resurfacing panel is not damaged when it is cut, we offer custom cutting for a small fee.
Generally speaking, if your old chalkboards or whiteboards have sturdy, decent frames, you should consider resurfacing them. If your old chalkboards or whiteboards have frames that are well past their prime, disposing of the old boards and replacing them is most likely the best option.


The term “ghosting” refers to the effect that occurs when remnants of marks made on a whiteboard are left behind even after erasing.
Yes, we do. Please click here for CAD drawings, specs, or BIM models.

  • I had encouraged our school to update the old "chalkboards" we used in the locker rooms for our basketball teams. As I researched the possibilities I came across EverWhite. I was completely impressed with the idea of a "whiteboard" that stays whit...

    — Coach Terry Smades
  • We’ve been buying whiteboards from a competitor for years but not anymore. The quality of EverWhite whiteboards is first rate and only outdone by their customer service. From now on, when I think ‘whiteboards,’ I’m going to think ‘EverWhite’!

    — Thomas Moore
  • Thanks a lot for all your help. I can't tell you how happy I am with all of my contacts with your company. From the information and guidance I received about purchasing our whiteboard to your help with shipping.

    — Joyce Tomasetti
  • Our EverWhite whiteboard has truly added to the educational experience the students in my room have every day! I am grateful for this wonderful tool.

    — Cory Greene
  • I continue to purchase dry erase boards from EverWhite, because the boards are extremely durable and have held up extremely well under continuous use in the NYC headquarters. The staff is extremely helpful and has gone the extra mile to help me wi...

    — Courtney Kudey
  • The best dry erase board we have tried.

    — Bryan Hunter
  • They’re great! I wish I had known about them years ago.

    — Ben Adair
  • We are very happy with our experience. We received fast service, and everyone from the company was so helpful. I ordered a dozen boards, and I was so impressed that everyone at the company treated me like I had just ordered a hundred.

    — Charlene Jenkins
  • We like buying directly from the manufacturer with EverWhite — why pay for a middleman to be involved?

    — Randy Smith
  • Working with EverWhite was truly a wonderful experience for the Wisconsin Alumni Association. We love the fact that we were able to brand our whiteboard, since that was something that we never even knew was possible. And since it was going to be u...

    — Jessika Kasten
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