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Hospital Whiteboards

Whiteboards for Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Facilities

patient room whiteboardsEverWhite plain and custom-printed whiteboards are used in hospital rooms, in emergency rooms, at nurse stations, in conference rooms and elsewhere in medical facilities and clinics.

Health care personnel and hospital maintenance staffs appreciate the always-white surface of the EverWhite whiteboard. Our unique, non-porous surface prevents dry erase ink from penetrating the surface, so our whiteboards are easy to clean and keep brilliantly white. We guarantee they will not stain.

Custom Printing for Care Notes, Logos
Our popular custom-printed whiteboards are used in hospital rooms and medical clinics to indicate special care and diet needs, patient conditions, medical staff assigned to patients, and other medical care notes.
We can design whiteboards with your organization’s brand theme, or to complement your facility’s interior design.

Use of whiteboards in patient rooms has been shown to improve communications between patients and health care staff. Read more about one study revealing that about 80 percent of nurses and other staff agree that whiteboards play a role in improving patient care.

Magnetic Surfaces, Cork Available to Expand Use
Magnetic surfaces and whiteboards with side or top cork panels are available for posting paper notes to the board.

EverWhite whiteboards are available in a wide range of standard sizes, as well as custom sizes. We also offer replacement whiteboard skins which can be applied to existing whiteboards or chalkboards at a more economical cost.

We manufacture our hospital room whiteboards and medical clinic whiteboards in Wisconsin and, through our online store, sell and ship directly to health care organizations.

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