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Resurfacing Whiteboard Panels

whiteboard resurfacing panelEverEZ resurfacing whiteboard panels install over the surface of old chalkboards or stained whiteboards, transforming them into new whiteboards at a minimal cost.

Our whiteboard resurfacing panels are guaranteed not to stain.

Available in any size, EverWhite’s whiteboard resurfacing panels securely adhere to old surfaces via a self-adhesive pressure-sensitive backing.

Contact us for variations of standard panels, including panels with custom graphics such as logos and calendars, and standard graphics such as music staffs, gridlines, penmanship lines and charts.

Download our whiteboard resurfacing guide, then use our handy calculator below to accurately measure the whiteboard resurfacing panel you need. Measure to the nearest 1/16th inch, rounding down. For example, if you measure 36 5/32″, enter 36 1/8″ for the measurement.

An Add to Cart” button will appear after you fill in the dimensions in the form.

NOTE: for resurfacing panels taller than 48 inches, call customer service at 800-335-7319.

Resurfacing Panel

Vertical Measurement in Inches

whiteboard resurfacing panel vertical measuring guide

Horizontal Measurement in Inches

Whiteboard resurfacing measuring guide horizontal
Each EverEZ Resurfacing Panel can be manufactured up to 4' tall and up to 30' wide. The measurements you've entered fall outside of these parameters, but we may still be able to provide a solution for your application. Please contact us to discuss a solution by emailing sales@everwhiteboards.com or calling 800-335-7319.

Resurfacing panel sizes larger than 48″×144″ come in multiple, equal size pieces. If your existing board contains a seam, please refer to the Resurfacing Panel Measurement Form for additional tips or contact us for details. Call an EverWhite customer service representative at 800-335-7319 for more information.